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The Upkeep On Your Rental Property

Keeping your property in top condition is not difficult if it is a continuing effort. There will be a plan in place for making ongoing improvements by investing a portion of each year’s income. Failure to do this will result

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Apartment Properties Continue To Be Favored Investment

Investors purchase income producing real estate to make money. Apartment properties, as always, continue to be the favorite investment property for many investors. It is possible to reap substantial rental income from a relatively small investment, with a large amount

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Getting Tenants For An Overbuilt Market

When an investment property is located in an overbuilt market, the marketing effort must have good planning and direction. Just throwing large amounts of money into the effort can be a waste. Rather than broad advertising, a narrower action may

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Adequate Market Analysis Before You Invest

Now may be the time to start thinking of the next real estate investment. You must pick the right property for you. Sometimes, even the best thought out plans do not work out. Investments in real estate can turn out

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The Neglected Investment Property

  It is hard to believe that someone can totally neglect a valuable investment property like a multi-unit apartment. It happens. The run-down property may have been acquired from a seller who did not understand real estate investments and failed

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