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Tower Square- Wellfleet Press Release May 20 2019


Macmillan Group, Inc is proud to offer quality professional real estate services to Western Mass and Northern Connecticut for over 95 years. Macmillan Group is the only local real estate firm with transactional and project management experience in over 125 US markets. When it comes to analyzing or marketing commercial, industrial or investment real estate, Macmillan Group’s expertise and experience, makes it possible to readily identify the objectives, issues and solutions available. Our primary role is to equip our clients with the knowledge and understanding needed to give the client the ability to make well informed decisions. Our record will show that there is no real estate challenge too large or too small to be successfully handled by the Macmillan Groups resourceful team of professionals.

We invite you to browse the educational and work experience of our real estate team and available property listings and the services that we can offer you.